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Money FM Podcast: How Transcelestial is tackling Indonesia's connectivity challenges

Indonesia’s archipelago landscape and lack of urban fiber can make internet delivery a challenge for those still using traditional fibre cables. That is why Transcelestial has partnered with NTT Ltd. to deliver high-speed connectivity via its wireless laser comms technology. Hear from CEO & Co-Founder of Transcelestial, Rohit Jha, as he speaks to Money FM on the region’s challenges, optimal solutions and setting up a network in space.

Hong Kong International Terminal seaport connectivity is now backed by weather resilient lasers

Hutchinson Ports’s sophisticated, mission critical networks at Hong Kong International Terminal (HIT) needed an easy to deploy 10Gbps wireless solution that was resilient to the RF interference and weather conditions in Hong Kong. Transcelestial's CENTAURI 10Gbps product, which has Transcelestial's APC (Adaptive Power Control) mechanism, provided reliable, full duplex 10Gbps connections that solved both the weather and interference challenges.

Transcelestial’s wireless laser communication technology will expand to 10 new APAC markets with Exclusive Networks

Transcelestial is partnering with digital infrastructure distributor, Exclusive Networks to accelerate the deployment of its laser network into Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Transcelestial demonstrates wireless laser data connectivity with SK Telecom & Telecom Infra Project, raises S$2.5m Seed Funding

Singapore-based space technology startup Transcelestial is building a wireless laser communication technology to drive connectivity